Lavender Star Flower Bonsai Starters 3″ Azalea Pot Amazing Flowers!!!



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Lavender Star Flower

Grewia occidentalis

These very nice little plants have recently been pruned and repotted into 3” Azalea pots. They are already pushing a great deal of new growth. The flower pictured is from this batch of plants.


This is a South African Native where it carries the common name of crossberry.  I look for plants that have great traits for bonsai even if they are not terribly common. This one seems to have several! It has beautiful flowers, edible fruit (they are odd shaped and almost square), it grows quickly, it’s tolerant to drought, high winds, and coastal climates and heavy pruning.  


It does best in bright light but protect from afternoon sun in hotter climates. It’s also pretty much pest free.



WATER: Don’t like wet feet, can handle a bit of dryness, do not allow extended periods completely dry. Do not allow to dry out in the hottest months.

SUN: Full sun or partial shade.

Bring inside to a bright, well-ventilated location when temps drop below 45F

FERTILIZER: Feed regularly with a balanced fertilizer (azalea fertilizer is recommended). Tends to develop chlorosis, give an iron supplement a few times per year to correct this.

PH: Likes a low ph of around 5.5

REPOTTING: Every two or three years when nighttime temps average above 50F.

PRUNING: Hard pruning should be carried out after blooming. Trim new shoots throughout the growing season as it will grow out of shape and become leggy quickly.



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