Juniperus procumbens nana 2″


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Juniperus procumbens nana

Green Mound / Japanese Garden Juniper


Most people my age first saw a bonsai watching Mr.Miyagi teaching patience and inner peace while masterfully styling a Juniper procumbens nana in ‘The Karate Kid’. Many like me were hooked and while much about what was shown was fiction, this image is still what many think of when someone mentions “bonsai.”


What is true is that the Juniper procumbens nana is a nearly ideal species for bonsai training and it’s one that you must have in your collection!



IMPORTANT: This is an outdoor tree only!


Outdoor- Full sun (except in hottest months) to partial shade. Can take the heat of a Las Vegas summer if sheltered from afternoon sun, and is hardy to USDA zone 4. (If you are in the coldest zones, please consult your local bonsai club for wintering tips)


Soil- Well-draining, high-quality bonsai soil. Not extremely particular but does best when does not stay wet.


Pruning- Do not pinch and do not shear. Using sharp scissors, cut at the base of just the strongest growing shoots. Leave as many growing tips as you can and maintain your design.  


Shaping- Can be trained in any except broom. Wiring is essential for proper development and branch placement on your juniper. Learn this skill you will thank me later.


Repotting- Late spring is best after you are done repotting deciduous trees. If you do major root reduction, leave as much foliage as possible. Remember the adage, one insult per year. This means if you do major pruning or repot, leave it alone till next year.  


Fertilizer- Feed a balanced fertilizer. A quality extended release fertilizer such as Osmocote should be sufficient.

ATTENTION! You will need to provide appropriate shelter when temperatures fall below 30F.


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