Japanese Maple 2″ Pot Bonsai Starters!


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*You are buying a tree representative of those pictured

Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum


If you have seen pictures of finished deciduous bonsai, it was likely a Japanese Maple. The seasonal colors and graceful lines are what many think of when they picture a bonsai. If you are in USDA Zones 5-8 you really should own several.

Most of my stock has been pruned to maintain tight internodes, however, I managed to grab some pictures of the autumn colors just to show you why they are so loved!

Any order you buy will be shipped the following Saturday or Monday unless you specifically request a delay. I will hold orders for up to two weeks for no extra charge at the buyer’s request. I will combine shipping and do everything I can to save you money.

ATTENTION! You will need to provide appropriate shelter when temperatures fall below 30F.


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