Chinese Hackberry (Celtis Sinensis)


Chinese Hackberry

Celtis Sinensis

Chinese Hackberry 3″

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Chinese Hackberry

Celtis Sinensis   

The tree you are buying has been root pruned for bonsai use. Meaning the tap root has been removed and the feeder roots have been spread in a radial pattern to promote the beginning of a proper root system. This training will put you years ahead. They are in 3” pots in proper bonsai soil. These are VERY nice trees.


The Chinese or Taiwanese hackberry is a classic bonsai species. A quick image search and you will know why. They are magnificent! They are also very hardy and easy to grow.

With careful pruning, they quickly develop a very fine branch structure and nicely reduced leaves. This makes them one of the best for the broom style.

Hackberrys like full sun but do not want to fully dry out. Responds well to pruning and defoliation. Repot just prior to bud break in the spring.

FYI: I will be moving these to larger pots in about three weeks (that’s spring in Vegas). Prices will go up on the larger size so buy now, you save me time and I save you money!

I will be happy to hold shipping until you are ready at no extra charge. Simply notify me of any special handling you would like at the time of purchase .


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