AZ State Tree! Blue Palo Verde! Bonsai Starters Green Trunk & Branches! 2″ Pot


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Blue Palo Verde

Parkinsonia Florida

(Formerly Cercidium Floridum)

The Blue Palo Verde is one of my favorite desert trees. With its deep green trunk and branches (yes they stay green when the tree is full size) and bright yellow flowers that are about 1cm across it really is a show stopper. In the desert Southwest, it will drop its leaves during times of drought but will continue to photosynthesize with the trunk and branches.

Give it similar care to a Brazilian Rain Tree or Texas Ebony and you will do just fine. I have been growing some under T5-HO lighting and it is taking to life inside very well. This is one of many gems from the desert that you may not have ever seen before.


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ATTENTION! You will need to provide appropriate shelter when temperatures fall below 30F.


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