Karee (African Sumac) Bonsai Starters 2″ Pot



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‘Karee’ (African Sumac)

Searsia lancea

Formerly Rhus lancea

Several years ago I saw one of these trees and I thought that it would be ideal for bonsai. When mature, they have rough deeply fissured bark, naturally contorted trunks, the tri-foliate leaves reduce to about 1/4 of and inch, great surface roots and as a bonus, they even smell like mangos when you prune!


I have always loved the unique look of Pierneef, and Bushveld African styles trees. As it happens, this South African Native is from the Bushveld and is ideally suited to these styles. It is rugged and adaptable to temperatures from low teens to the hottest that the Las Vegas Summer can throw at it. They can withstand droughts and are equally at home in coastal mists and fog.




WATER: Doesn’t like wet feet as it is prone to root and crown rot, can handle a bit of dryness, do not allow extended periods completely dry. Do not allow to dry out in the hottest months. It may drop it’s leaves in response to drought conditions.


SUN: Full sun or partial shade. Bring inside to a bright, well ventilated location or unheated greenhouse when temps drop below 20F.


FERTILIZER: Feed regularly with a balanced fertilizer appreciates chelated mineral supplement as becomes chlorotic

PH: Likes a neutral to alkaline ph of around 7.0 or a bit above


REPOTTING: Root pruning every other year is a must.


PRUNING: Hard pruning should be carried out in spring. To reduce leaf size and internode length, prune leaves back to first pair.


PESTS AND DISEASES: Is susceptible to crown and root rot if overwatered and also aphids can be an issue.


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