STRAWBERRY GUAVA Bonsai Starters 3″ Pot, Indoor/Outdoor, Edible Fruit!


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Native to Brazil it is widely cultivated around the globe. A tough plant with few known pests, it is well suited to indoor life. Graceful in a pot, this little tree features glossy green leaves, small white flowers, exfoliating bark and of course, delicious guavas!



May be kept indoor or outdoor:

Indoor- Bright location either natural light or supplemented with grow lighting.


Outdoor- Full sun (except in hottest months) to partial shade can take the heat of a Las Vegas summer and is hardy down to about 25F. Provide shelter once into the 30’s.


Soil- Well-drained, high-quality bonsai soil. Not extremely particular but does best when does not stay wet.


Pruning- Prune anytime (summer is best) but leave a stub on branches as will die back to next pair, the stub can be snipped off later. Will bud back and sprout from the base.


Shaping- Can be trained in any style. If wired, must be wired when young as older branches become quite hard. Clip and grow may be most successful.


Repotting- Late spring is best when temperatures are in the 60’s.


Fertilizer- Feed a balanced fertilizer, perhaps slightly higher ‘P’ and ‘K’ values will yield better flowering and fruiting results.


ATTENTION! You will need to provide appropriate shelter when temperatures fall below 30F.


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