Silverberry Bonsai Starters 2″ Pot Great Flowers!


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Ebbing’s silverberry

Elaeagnus x ebbingei


I am very excited by this new offering! The Silverberry combines  many things that make it great for bonsai. It has amazingly fragrant (They have been described as a mix of gardenias and orange blossoms!) flowers, edible fruit, it grows quickly, it’s tolerant to drought, high winds, and coastal climates.


It will grow in everything from filtered shade to full sun and takes well to containers! Sounds like a winner! It’s also pretty much pest free.


If you are familiar with Elaeagnus pungens, this is a VERY similar plant and really the only obvious difference is no thorns! Yet another plus!



WATER: Don’t like wet feet, can handle a bit of dryness, do not allow extended periods completely dry.

SUN: Full sun or partial shade. Give frost protection below 25 °F.

FERTILIZER: Feed with low nitrogen fertilizer as Elaeagnus fix nitrogen.

REPOTTING: Every two or three years in Spring as new buds extend.

PRUNING: Hard pruning should be carried out in Winter. Trim new shoots throughout the growing season as it will grow out of shape and become leggy quickly.

PESTS AND DISEASES: Occasional Spider Mites and Rust


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